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Robert Rinker

Associate Professor
University of Idaho
Computer Science Department

Contact Information

Fall 2014 Classes Information

CS 120, Computer Science I
CS 150, Computer Organization and Architecture

  • Links to web pages for other classes I sometimes teach:

    CS 101: Introduction to Computer Science
    CS 112, Intro to Problem Solving and Programming
    CS 121, Computer Science II
    CS 240, Operating Systems
    CS 270, System Software
    CS 350, Intermediate Computer Architecture
    CS451/CS551/ECE441/ECE541 - Advanced Computer Architecture
    CS 441/541, Advanced Operating Systems
    CS452/552 - Real Time Operating Systems
    CS499 - Directed Study - Fundamentals of Robotics

  • TowerLights Videos

    April 2012 - Vandal Friday
    99 Red Balloons
    Grand Experiment
    Go Vandals
    Intro Animation

    July 2012 - thanks to Kyle Howerton!
    I'm a Believer
    Ballroom Blitz
    Grand Experiment
    Drive By
    Call Me Maybe
    Go Vandals

    October 2012 - Homecoming - NEW!
    Gangnam Style
    Go Vandals

  • YouTube Video Links

    An explanation of TowerLights - Josh and Jon
    Vandal Marching Band - Band-Tastic Concert
    The "Band-Beesten" Robotic Drum Set
    The Txalaparta Project

  • Miscellaneous things

    11-Pin to Motion Sound Amplifier Adapter info
    11-Pin to Leslie 45/145 Adapter info
    11-Pin Y-Cable with Main-Ensemble-Echo switch

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