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Robert Rinker

Associate Professor
University of Idaho
Computer Science Department

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Spring 2024 Classes Information

CS 240 - Operating Systems

  • Links to web pages for other classes I sometimes teach:

    CS 101 - Introduction to Computer Science
    CS 112 - Intro to Problem Solving and Programming
    CS 120 - Computer Science I
    CS 121 - Computer Science II
    CS 150 - Computer Organization and Architecture
    CS 151 - Computer Science II (NIC)
    CS 210 - Programming Languages (NIC)
    CS 270 - System Software
    CS 350 - Intermediate Computer Architecture
    CS451/CS551/ECE441/ECE541 - Advanced Computer Architecture
    CS452/552 - Real Time Operating Systems
    CS499 - Directed Study - Fundamentals of Robotics
    CS 441/541, Advanced Operating Systems

  • TowerLights Videos

    April 2012 - Vandal Friday
    99 Red Balloons
    Grand Experiment
    Go Vandals
    Intro Animation

    July 2012 - thanks to Kyle Howerton!
    I'm a Believer
    Ballroom Blitz
    Grand Experiment
    Drive By
    Call Me Maybe
    Go Vandals

    October 2012 - Homecoming
    Gangnam Style
    Go Vandals

  • YouTube Video Links

    An explanation of TowerLights - Josh and Jon
    Vandal Marching Band - Band-Tastic Concert
    The "Band-Beesten" Robotic Drum Set
    The Txalaparta Project

  • Homecoming 2015 Halftime Video

    Homecoming halftime 2015 (HD Version, 400+ Meg)
    Homecoming halftime 2015 (480p Version, 100 Meg)
    Homecoming halftime 2015 (wmv version - has audio on Windows)

  • Vandal Marching Band videos
    Holiday Concert 2013 excerpt

  • Tower Animator Software - if you want to create a TowerLights Animation, Download and install this program
  • Miscellaneous things

    Sandpoint High School video: Visit to the Den
    11-Pin to Motion Sound Amplifier Adapter info
    11-Pin to Leslie 45/145 Adapter info
    11-Pin Y-Cable with Main-Ensemble-Echo switch

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