CS150 - Computer Organization and Architecture

Instructor: Bob Rinker
Office: JEB 235
Email: rinker@cs.uidaho.edu
Phone: (208)885-7378
Office Hours (Fall 2014): 3:30 M, 12:30 TW, 11:30 Th, or by appointment, or stop in anytime my door is open!

Catalog Description:

CS150 - Digital logic and digital systems, machine-level representation of data, assembly-level machine organization, memory system organization and architecture, interfacing and communication, functional organization, multiprocessing and alternative architectures. Prereq: CS 120

Downloadable from here ps or pdf ).

Policy on Academic Honesty and Cheating - your continued registration in this
Your grade will be calculated using the following percentages:
Two mid-semester exams 30%
Final exam (comprehensive) 20%
Quizzes 15%
Homework/Programming Assignments 35%
Total 100%

The letter grade you receive from the course will be determined as follows:
Below 60%F
The instructor reserves the right to adjust these percentages lower if deemed necessary.

Any announcements for the class will be posted here
Final Exam information: The final exam will be a take-home exam. You can pick it up any day monday-thursday between 1-3 pm (I have a meeting starting at 2:30 thursday, so you will need to pick it up by then if you wait til thursday). It will then be due the following day by 5:00pm.

Notes and Handouts:

Will appear here when needed in class.
- Slides on binary arithmetic ( pdf or ps )
- Slides on floating point format ( pdf or ps )
- Slides on Boolean algebra ( pdf or ps )
- Slides on logic gates ( pdf or ps )
- Slides on Sequential circuits and state machines ( pdf or ps )
- Some more problems on sequential circuits ( pdf or ps )
- Slides on computer architecture ( pdf or ps )
- The AVR Processor diagram (revised) ( pdf or ps )
- The AVR Instruction Subset (revised) ( pdf or ps )


Will appear here sometime after they have been assigned
- Assignment #1 ( pdf or ps ), Due September 10
- Assignment #2 ( pdf or ps ), Due September 12
- Assignment #3 ( pdf or ps ), Due September 26
- Assignment #4 ( pdf or ps ), Due October 13
- Assignment #5 ( pdf or ps ), Due October 29
- Assignment #6 ( pdf or ps ), Due November 10
- Assignment #7 ( pdf or ps ), Due December 5
- Assignment #8 ( pdf or ps ), Due December 8
The example AVR (not Arduino) example we discussed in class is available here. The system apparently won't let me post a shell script, so I have included the script as a comment in the C example. Sorry for the inconvenience.
A glossary of terms is available here.

Links to other useful information

The Atmel AVR Instruction Set document is here
Specifics on the Atmega 328p (Arduino Processor) are available here.
A link to the AVR libc page is here
An ASCII code chart ( pdf or ps )
A decent vi editor Cheat Sheet (pdf or ps)
Unix tutorial (from the University of Edinburgh) here.

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