Systems Software (CS270)

Welcome to Systems Software CS270. This course is offered in the Fall Semester 2010 at the University of Idaho in Moscow. The course is taught by Dr. Axel Krings.

This web-page contains information about the course, e.g. syllabus, class notes, pointers to interesting places etc. Material can be down-loaded in pdf format, and will be made available in the updated form as the class goes on. If you have comments, please let me know.

Course description from UI General Catalog: CS 270 Systems Software (3 cr), Productivity tools such as make, Debugging tools, Linking and loading, Shell programming and scripting languages, Process management and inter-process communication, Concurrent programming using threads, Exception handling. Prereq: CS121 and CS150

Text: Graham Glass and King Ables, Linux for Programmers and Users, Third Edition, Prentice Hall.

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