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Fundamentals of Research
Spring 2018

This course is devoted to those fundamental skills that every graduate student must master: reading, writing, and research. As part of the research portion of the course students will write code to collect research-type data.

Students will learn how to read research papers carefully, critically, and efficiently, how to plan research and experiments, how to write successful research papers, and how to present research.

We will study the parts of a research paper: the abstract, introduction, background, methods, results, conclusions, and bibliography and will dissect research examining the features of successful and unsuccessful research and presentation of research.

Coursework will include: reading and reviewing papers and writing parts of reserch papers.

Prerequisites: Graduate Status, GSSP member

This course meets from 12:30-1:30 Monday, Tuesday, Wedensday, and Friday.

Course schedule by week This includes assignments, readings, etc. It will be added to as the course continues.

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