CS241 - Computer Operating Systems (North Idaho College)

Instructor: Bob Rinker
Office: Seiter 213
Email: rinker@cs.uidaho.edu
Phone: (208)676-7142
Office Hours (Spring 2017): 11:15-12:15 TTh, or by appointment, or stop in anytime my door is open!

Catalog Description:
This course provides an overview of operating systems and operating system principles. It includes sections on concurrency, scheduling and dispatch, memory management, net-centric computing, OS security, and process management. Concurrent programming using threads is also explored.
Lecture: 3 hours per week
Prerequisites: CS-151
Corequisites: CS-228 or CS-270

Syllabus: Downloadable from here (ps or pdf).

Your grade will be calculated using the following percentages:
Two mid-semester exams (15% ea) 30%
Final exam (comprehensive) 20%
Quizzes 15%
Homework/Projects 30%
Points for completing all projects 5%
Total 100%

The letter grade you receive from the course will be determined as follows:
Below 60%F
The instructor reserves the right to adjust these percentages lower if deemed necessary.
Welcome to the class!

Assignments will appear here sometime after they are assigned
- Assignment #1 ( pdf or ps ) Due: Jan 26
- Assignment #2 ( pdf or ps ) Due: Feb 7
- Assignment #3 ( pdf or ps ) Due: Feb 21
- Assignment #4 ( pdf or ps ) Due: Mar 2
- Assignment #5 ( pdf or ps ) Due: Apr 6

Links to other useful information
Slides on command line arguments ( ps or ( pdf )
My Slides on the trap instruction ( ps or pdf )
Tar file containing several of the example programs involving fork() and exec(), here . (Shift-click to download). A tar file is somewhat like a zip file - an archive of separate files. In fact, many "zip" programs will also unpack tar files. On Linux, you can use the command: tar xvf file.tar

A decent vi editor Cheat Sheet (pdf or ps)
Unix tutorial (from the University of Edinburgh) here.

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