a Very High Level Dialect of Java

Clinton Jeffery, jeffery@cs.uidaho.edu
Department of Computer Science
University of Idaho
Moscow, ID 83844

     Godiva in History and Legend

Godiva stands for GOal-DIrected jaVA, a new programming language.

Ask not what you can do with your programming language.
Ask, rather, what your programming language can do for you...



"I'd program in Godiva just because of the name." - Daniel Jimenez, Rutgers

"I'm overwhelmed! ... This sounds like a real major advance. The fact that Godiva will run on JVM is a real plus." - Roger Hare, rjhare@holyrood.ed.ac.uk, Edinburgh Parallel Computer Centre

"A few months back, I listed all the things I felt were wrong with Java. In fact, I was seriously debating writing my own language to fix it. But then I thought "What are you thinking? There are far too many languages out there already, nobody needs mine". The point is, in your working paper on Godiva, you have corrected nearly everything on my list. Good job. ." - Bryce Sellers, sellers@pebbles.svl.trw.com

The Godiva programming language is unrelated to the Godiva performance evaluation software developed at NASA. We applaud their excellent choice of names!
We thank Ray Pereda for his contributions to Godiva's design.