The Alamo Project
available: Romanian translation by Alexandra Seremina

The Alamo Project is an investigation into language support for program execution monitoring. Because execution monitors are low-level tools with stringent performance requirements, they are difficult to write. Alamo reduces this difficulty by providing an execution model, run-time system support, and configurable automatic software instrumentation tools. Reducing the difficulty of writing monitors increases their rate of development and allows experimental techniques such as program visualization to be developed.

Alamo stands for A Lightweight Architecture for MOnitoring. The core ideas of Alamo were implemented first for the Icon Programming language; this implementation is described in a book published by Springer Verlag, Program Monitoring and Visualization: an Exploratory Approach. Current research has broadened this work to include lower-level languages, in particular, ANSI C.

The Alamo C framework's status is: the Alamo Monitor Executive, AME, is implemented and runs on Sparc Solaris and Linux x86 ELF platforms. The Configurable C Instrumentation tool is implemented, but requires some further enhancements to be used on real programs. So far CCI provides a comprehensive basis set of events, as well as configuration facilities that allow selection and refinement of events based on values determinable at compile-time. CCI is missing support for about three features of ANSI C, and needs further testing. The combined Alamo system is in a pre-alpha state; simple textual and 3D graphical (OpenGL) monitors have been constructed.

Downloads (new!)

You can now download our software from here (gzipped tar file). The software was made to compile and link on Solaris 2.8 on 11/4/2000 but is not production code! Don't expect it to work! At all! Cursory testing indicated that it had less bitrot than expected, but that does not mean it is functional. Hopefully it will give some of you ideas. Feel free to ask questions and contribute bugfixes. I may or may not have any answers or be able to support your intended use.

Publications and Technical Reports

A few slides from an overview talk on Alamo are on-line.


Clinton Jeffery
Wenyi Zhou
Kevin Templer
Michael Brazell