Welcome to CS470/570

Artificial Intelligence
Spring 2018

Techniques from Aritifical Intelligence

Concepts and techniques involved in artificial intelligence, goal-directed searching, history trees, inductive and deductive reasoning, natural language processing, and learning. Extra term paper required for cr in 570.

This course meets from 9:30-10:20 on MWF in JEB25.

Other course information
Course schedule by week This includes assignments, readings, etc. It will be added to as the course continues.

University of Idaho Classroom Learning Civility Clause

In any environment in which people gather to learn, it is essential that all members feel as free and safe as possible in their participation. To this end, it is expected that everyone in this course will be treated with mutual respect and civility, with an understanding that all of us (students, instructors, professors, guests, and teaching assistants) will be respectful and civil to one another in discussion, in action, in teaching, and in learning.

Should you feel our classroom interactions do not reflect an environment of civility and respect, you are encouraged to meet with your instructor during office hours to discuss your concern. Additional resources for expression of concern or requesting support include the Dean of Students office and staff (5-6757), the UI Counseling & Testing Center.s confidential services (5-6716), or the UI Office of Human Rights, Access, & Inclusion (5-4285).


Reasonable accommodations are available for students who have documented temporary or permanent disabilities. All accommodations must be approved through Disability Support Services, located in the Idaho Commons Building, Room 306, in order to notify your instructor(s) as soon as possible regarding accommodation(s) needed for the course. Contact DSS at 208-885.6307, email dss@uidaho.edu or go to www.uidaho.edu/dss.

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