Welcome to CS505 Computer Science I for Teachers

Spring 2018

Catalog Description of CS120: CS 120 Computer Science I (4 cr) Fundamental programming constructs, algorithms and problem-solving, fundamental data structures, overview of programming languages, virtual machines, introduction to language translation, declarations and types, abstraction mechanisms, object-oriented programming.

This course is an introduction to programming in C/C++ with an emphasis on ways to teach programming. The course will also cover general concepts that apply to a majority of programming languages. The goal is to help students become better programmers and teachers of any language.

Textbook: TBD - we will probably be using a PDF that I can send to everyone who's registered.

Meeting times: Lecture Terry Soule: 4:30-5:45 MWF, On-Campus: Engineering Physics room 204

Course schedule by week This includes course assignments, sample code, etc. It will be added to as the course continues.

Other course information

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