CS 270 -- System Software

There will be numerous programming assignments. It is expected that students will do their own work on all components of the programs---unless otherwise specified.

Quizzes will normally be given on Fridays. They will cover the material since the last quiz. Knowledge of material in this class is cumulative!

The final grade will be calculated based on a weighted sum of the points accumulated in each of the categories, as specified on the Syllabus.
The course will be graded using the typcal basis of 90% and above is an A, 80% a B, 70% a C, etc.

Programming Assignments

Throughout the course you will be required to write programs that implement or use selected portions of subjects described in class.
NOTE: Much of the material covered in this class is cumulative!

Due dates

Programs are due at the start of class on the due date. Source (only source) is to be emailed (NO ATTACHMENTS) to me by that time also.

Late programs will be penalized 33% per day. If they are turned in by 5:00 PM the following week day, they will be worth 67%, by 5:00 PM the next week day, they are worth 33%, etc. Partially complete assignments will be accepted, but will be heavily penalized.

A backup copy of each program submitted should be made in case the original is lost after submission (this is your responsibility).

No programs will be accepted after three days from the original due date, unless there is some extenuating circumstance.
Contact me ASAP if you encounter a serious problem.

Last revised: September 19, 2013