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Bruce Bolden is an instructor in the Computer Science Department at the University of Idaho.
The primary reason for this site is to help distribute information to the students in my classes.
If you like/use Macintosh computers or Windows, you may also find some useful links.

Class News/Information

Spring 2019
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    • General
    • Final Exam Schedule: Spring 2019   
      • CS 121: Monday, May 6:    8:00 -- 10:00 AM
        Location: TLC 031 (normal classroom)
      • CS 270: Wednesday, May 8:    10:15 AM-- 12:15
        Location: TLC 031 (normal classroom)
      • CS 480/481: Thursday, May 9:    11:30 AM
        All documentation, etc., due.

    • CS 121---Data Structures
      • Syllabus (Draft) posted    January 10, 2019
    • CS 270--System Software
      • Syllabus (Draft) posted    January 10, 2019
      • No required text.
        You should have a copy of The C Programming Language (not at the bookstore).
    • CS 480/481---Capstone Design
      • December 30: Snapshot Day / Mini-Expo

    April 22, 2019

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    Spring 2019 Office Hours (revised)

        MTWTF     1:30 -  2:30 PM
        Generally Open Door/Available


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    University of Idaho Computer Science Home Page
    University of Idaho

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